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The best care, naturally!

Castelbel Traveller is a collection developed with the concept of all-in-one sustainable care at its core. Learn all about it here!

What is Castelbel Traveller?

Castelbel Traveller is a range of men’s and women’s shampoo bars, enriched with kaolin and castor oil and fragranced with essential oils. They can be used on body, hair and beard, which makes them the ideal all-in-one, sustainable personal care choice.

These shampoos are «sustainable personal care»? How so?

Indeed! Castelbel Traveller shampoo bars are not only your new best friend – they are eco-friendly too! In addition to a palm-free, olive and coconut oils base and natural ingredients, our shampoo bars are hand packed in fully recyclable and plastic-free packaging. Because of their bar form, they are also very convenient to take with you on the go – be it on holiday or on your gym bag.

How can I carry or store them?

Easy – the answer is our Traveller Travel Case! Made from cork – a sustainable material, grown and sourced locally –, this waterproofed case was designed to safely carry all Castelbel shampoo and conditioner bars. Light and resistant, it can also double as a unique soap dish.

But I’ve never used shampoo bars before…

Don’t fret! Our fragrant Traveller shampoo bars are easy to use: work into a lather by rubbing the bar between your hands and apply to your hair, beard and body. Then rinse and send those boring hair days down the drain! Our Traveller shampoos work wonders for your hair and for the Planet.


Castelbel Traveller – it’s only natural!

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