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Castelbel Verbena Fragranced Drawer Liners

C1 1902 01

Castelbel Ambiente

Castelbel Verbena Fragranced Drawer Liners

€ 25.00

Manufactured with an exclusive technology that allows perfume to remain encapsulated for longer, this scented decorative paper will leave a soft aroma on your clothes, while also decorating your closets or drawers with its beautiful pattern.
Easy application with pre-cut paper sheets to a standard drawer size.

6 sheets, 45,7 cm x 61 cm

SCENTS: Verbena

Drawer Lining Paper
CB White Jasmine Drawer liner

Castelbel White Jasmine Fragranced Drawer Liners
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Castelbel Lavender Drawer Liner

Castelbel Lavender Fragranced Drawer Liners
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C1 2102 01

Castelbel Pomegranate Fragranced Drawer Liners
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1 0502 castelbel rose drawerliner 1 900x900

Castelbel Rose Fragranced Drawer Liners
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Castelbel Cotton Flower Fragrance Drawer Liner
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