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Portus Cale Ruby Red

The harvesting time is upon us

This is a very special time for the wine region of Upper Douro; it is grape harvesting time! It is here, in the steep and picturesque slopes on the Douro Valley, that Port Wine is born. It is also here that the inspiration behind Portus Cale Ruby Red springs to life.

What is Portus Cale Ruby Red?

Portus Cale Ruby Red is a refined collection for home and body that pays tribute to Port Wine.  From its wondrous perfume to the smallest of details, each Ruby Red product is inspired by the ambrosia of the Douro, so appreciated both in Portugal and the world over.

What makes Ruby Red so special?

Well… Everything! The soaps and diffusers are hand packaged in artisanal burnt wood boxes, just like bottles of Port. The colour design is also inspired by the bottles of Port Wine, with their conjunction of opaque black and golden arabesques. The soaps are made with grapeseed, which adds a delicate exfoliating effect to any wash. And, of course, the aroma of the collection is also an homage to Port – an elegant and sweet fragrance, a confluence between Grape and Red Berries.

Improving lives, one product at the time

Portus Cale Ruby Red is more than just a collection that pays homage the treasured nectar of the Douro Valley – it is also our way of repaying all this region has done for our country. For this reason, we donate a portion of the sales of Portus Cale Ruby Cale to Bagos d’Ouro, a Private Social Solidarity Institution that aims to help underprivileged children from the Douro region.

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