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Fragrant Sachets

The renowned Castelbel and Portus Cale scents, now on your clothes! Get to know our Fragrant Sachets.

A world of fragrances in your drawers and in your wardrobe…

As the name implies, Castelbel and Portus Cale fragrant sachets are small paper bundles filled with the aromas you so love! Think of them as fragrance diffusers for your clothes – they keep every piece of clothing smelling fresh and wonderful for a long time.

What exactly makes Castelbel sachets better than the rest?

In addition to our unforgettable perfumes and our striking design, our fragrant sachets are filled to the brim with Portuguese spirit and ingenuity – quite literally!

Using an exclusive technology, developed in-house and patented by Castelbel, each sachet is filled with locally sourced cork, to which perfume is previously applied. And the results can be felt on your clothes: long-lasting and vivid aromas and wonderfully fragranced clothes.

How can I use them?

Our fragrant sachets were designed to be placed inside your drawers. The sachets from the Ambiente and Portus Cale collections come with satin ribbons, so you can hang them in your wardrobe. Just remove the plastic bag and voilà – your sachet is ready to be used!

So, they’re just for drawers and wardrobes, then?

Of course not! Castelbel fragrant sachets can also be used to scent your suitcases with dazzling aromas – just place them inside the suitcase! You can also use them to add a fragrant personal touch to your car with your favourite scent or fill your children’s toy chest with a magical perfume.


So many outfits, so many marvellous aromas… Choose yours now!

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