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Fragrances that bring a splash of colour to your life

Citrusy fresh, deeply floral, delicate & luxurious… You can find all these fragrant combinations and more in our range of Eaux de Toillette! Learn all about our EDTs here.

But what is an Eau de Toilette? Isn’t that just a fancy name for regular perfume?

Actually, no. Eaux de Toilette have gentler scents when compared to regular perfumes. This results in fragrances that delicately perfume the skin without feeling overwhelming or unpleasantly intense.

Castelbel Eau de Toilette White Jasmine

Why use an Eau de Toilette?

Your favourite fragrance is more than a lovely scent. For instance, an Eau de Toilette gifted on a special day or used during that holiday of a lifetime will fill you with wonderful memories every time you use it. Cherished aromas can bring back happy memories, relax the mind, lighten up your mood and boost your confidence… Besides, your preferred fragrance is your signature, an integral part of who you are – and one that will make others think of you every single time.

I like simple and natural aromas, what do you suggest?

If you enjoy bucolic scents, the Castelbel Ambiente has the Eaux de Toilette ideal for you. The delicate aromas of White Jasmine or of Rose, the summery and relaxing perfume of Lavender or the refreshing and citrusy fragrance of Verbena – all so natural and familiar, perfect for any day or occasion.

I tend to favour more elaborate perfumes, do you have any recommendations?

If you’re a fan of luxurious and multilayered fragrances, you’ll love our Portus Cale Eaux de Toilette. From the exotic marriage of Pink Pepper and Jasmine from the Gold & Blue collection, and the floral bouquet that makes up the Blooming Garden fragrance, to the delicate and markedly feminine sweetness of the Rosé Blush aroma – no matter which choice, each Portus Cale Eau de Toilette is meticulously designed to bring an unforgettable touch of fragrant luxury to your skin.

And what about fragrances for men? Do you have any?

Of course we do! In addition to our Portus Cale Black Edition – a scent combining the woodsy perfume of Cedar, the deep rich notes of Amber and the reinvigorating aroma of Citrus – we also have a collection for men with 4 unique scents, the Gentlemen’s Club collection.

Rediscover your beloved aromas in a new format with our Eaux de Toilette!

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