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Diffuser refills

Recharge your batteries with your favourite scents

Summer's almost over! But there's still time to bask in the warm summer sun and get some deserved R&R – and refill your diffusers with the new Castelbel and Portus Cale fragrance diffuser refills!


Our refills have a stylish new look

It’s true! We’ve upgraded the design of our refill bottles to a more elegant one – but don’t worry, we haven’t changed a single aromatic note in the perfumes you so love!

Why use Castelbel and Portus Cale refills?

Because our fragrance diffusers are meant to be recharged! The fragrance refills allow you to refill your Portus Cale or Castelbel diffusers with your favourite scents. These refills are available in two sizes: 250mL (made specifically for 100mL or 250ml diffuser bottles) and 900mL (ideal for 2 litre bottles or various smaller diffusers). Each diffuser fragrance is alcohol-free, which allows for a long-lasting aroma. Because every moment is better with a wondrous aroma…

Can I use the refills in any Castelbel or Portus Cale diffuser?

Of course! This is why we have diffusers in various colours and sizes – so you can personalise your space with a fragrant decoration piece that matches the room’s décor. Ceramic bottles with designs inspired by Portuguese tiles, bottles in festive red glass or in luxurious purple, classic clear glass diffusers… Choose your favourite diffuser, add a different fragrance and discover your new favourite combination!

How can I use the refills?

It’s so easy! But before you start refilling your diffuser, kindly note the following:

1. Never mix new liquid with old liquid; please wait until the remaining perfume evaporates before refilling;

2. You should always wash your diffuser glass with water and detergent and, after it is completely dry, with acetone or alcohol;

3. Never add water to the diffuser liquid.

Be careful when refilling your diffuser bottle. Do not reuse the reed sticks; please use the sticks provided with the fragrance refill every time you refill your diffuser.

Bring a special touch to your favourite space and relax in the company of those you love with Castelbel and Portus Cale fragrances.


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