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Castelbel Apricot & Green Tea Candle

C0 1961 02

Special Editions

Castelbel Apricot & Green Tea Candle

Beautiful hand poured aromatic candle that will delicate fragrance any space with the same perfume that characterises this collection, allowing you to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to being an elegant decorative element that perfectly matched any decoration, it is also a fine gift that will be much appreciated.

  Available only on retail locations. For additional information,   CLICK HERE  

Fruits & Flowers
C0 2151 02

Castelbel Apricot & Green Tea soap

C0 1961 02

Castelbel Apricot & Green Tea Candle

C0 2152 02

Castelbel Lemon & Neroli soap

C0 1962 02

Castelbel Lemon & Neroli Candle

C0 2153 02

Castelbel Plum Flower soap

C0 1963 02

Castelbel Plum Flower Candle

C0 2220 02

Castelbel Orange Blossom soap

C0 2221 02

Castelbel Orange Blossom Candle