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Castelbel Chita Rose Soap

C9 1978 03
C9 1978 01

Special Editions

Castelbel Chita Rose Soap

€ 9.50


Castelbel soaps are the result of a careful ingredient selection that includes a 100% vegetable base, shea butter and high-quality fragrances made in Europe, which last throughout the entire product life. Carefully hand stamped and hand wrapped, and with a careful design, Castelbel soaps truly are an affordable luxury.

C9 1976 04

Castelbel Chita Verbena Soap
€ 9.50   •   150g

9 0077 03

Castelbel Chita White Jasmine Soap
€ 9.50   •   150g

C9 1979 03

Castelbel Chita Lavender Soap
€ 9.50   •   150g